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Merry Christmas


Merry Christmas
from the Anderson’s

The Millennium, big New Year’s celebrations, Y2K and associated computer problems all seem to be overshadowing Christmas this year (though the mathematician in me says they are all a year early – it hasn’t been 2000 years from the arbitrary year 0 until the end of 2000, but …), but we are happy for the holidays and having our daughter with us again for nearly a month (Dartmouth has an unusually long Christmas break).

We did not have a "White Christmas" this year. In fact we’ve had little snow for the last two winters. There were rumors, that proved unfounded, that there may be flurries one of the days just before Christmas. It was cold enough but no moisture. But as I finish writing this (late as usual), two days after Christmas there are a few lonely flakes drifting in the breeze.

Tonight we will be taking our annual trek, with a about 20-30 other "Bell Labs" folks to see Peter Schickele’s annual PDQ Bach concert at Carnegie Hall (he no longer tours so only New Yorkers get to see him). This year’s premiere is a string quartet called "The Moose," S. Y2K. Our group takes three or four entire boxes on Dress Row each year. We’ve been with the group each year but one since we moved here 14 years ago. The group has been going annually for over 20 years.

We hope at each of you are having a great Christmas and wish you a very happy year in the coming century (or the last year of this one).

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Katherine began her freshman year at Dartmouth College (Hanover, New Hampshire) in September. She is enjoying it immensely and doing very well. She has two roommates, one from Manhattan and one from Hawaii and lives in a nice, large room, in a 1890s building with a fireplace in each room (of course that is not "old" for the ninth oldest college in the country, founded in 1769).

We continue to be active in the SDA Forum chapter that meets at Columbia University (this is the chapter’s 30th year) and Terry is serving on the steering committee of the Adventist Metro Federation, a North American Division-sponsored group exploring new approaches to evangelism of unreached demographic groups in the New York metropolitan area.

We continue to enjoy life in New Jersey with access to excellent dramatic theaters and music, great bicycling, spectacular fall colors and easy access to all the resources of New York City.

If you find yourself attracted to the New York City area or planning a visit, come and see us. We even have a spare bed most of the time now that our daughter is away at Dartmouth. There is convenient train service from Bernardsville to NYC.

Website Visit our website (below) for pictures and more about some of the events listed.

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