December 19, 2008

Welcome to the annual Anderson novella.  Since Jan feels misrepresented by some of my observations, this year she has again elected to add a rebuttal to my observations of walking with her in Rome (see the indented portion). 

I have included a little news at the end of the Novella, but will expand a little here.  The big news is that Katherine and her long-term boyfriend, Bill Carty, announced their engagement this fall.  The wedding will take place on one of the San Juan Islands (Puget Sound - probably Orcas Island) next summer, probably in June.  Both Katherine and Bill are teaching in Seattle.  Katherine is teaching language arts in a Montessori Middle School and Bill is teaching English at a couple of community colleges.   They are very happy in Seattle and we get to see them several times a year as we travel to our second home on Whidbey Island. 

In 2007 Jan threw me a 60th birthday party on Whidbey and so this year in June, I retaliated.  We had a great time with lots of our Washington friends.

Our big trip this year was Rome.  We have been to Italy several times, but had never made it to Rome.  It always seemed too deserve a trip of its own, but we'd never gotten around to it.  So when work took me there this year, Jan tagged along and we added several days at each end to enjoy the city.  It was wonderful and you can read about much of it in the Novella.  Our next trip is to Madrid and other parts of Spain in April.

Merry Christmas, etc.,

Jan and Terry Anderson


This Christmas’ Novella: Walking


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