December 4, 2006

Happy Holidays:

Enclosed you will find a Christmas “gift” from the Andersons; well at least from Terry – Jan and Katherine disavow any responsibility or even admit to any of the misquotes or shockingly misrepresented views of events expressed in it.  Pitiful as it is, it is all you are going to get.  Unfortunately it will not self-destruct in 60 sec.  You will have to discard it (before or after reading) or make constructive use of it to line bird cages, light your Yule log, feed your shredder, etc. 

Since it contains very little in the way of real news, you should know that we are doing fine here in NJ (even if the retired one of us thinks we should be at our other house on Whidbey Island full time).  As you may deduce from the attached, we managed a few trips to the western house and will be back there this Christmas. Terry has been very busy with his work putting in a lot of travel and overtime, while Jan has been basically enjoying her retirement: sleeping in, lunching with friends, spending money, enjoying her hobbies (such as making bookmarks for everyone who will accept them), arranging to replace our furnace, plotting to replace our driveway, and abandoning her husband to enjoy more time in Washington.  Terry has been kayaking whenever he gets a chance (having added his third kayak to his collection).  Those who don’t get enough punishment from the attached, can read about some of his kayak trips at his KLOG:

Katherine is teaching Language Arts for the second year in Wilmington, NC.  She and her friend, Bill, helped to paint our deck on Whidbey this summer and so spent a bit of time with Jan, even though I had to go back to work in NJ (I have a lot of gourmet recipes for one and Broadway is only 40 mi away).

On a more serious note: Jan’s father passed away the week before Thanksgiving.  He was 91.  He and mother were living with Jan’s sister Judy in Tennessee.  Coincidently Judy’s first grandchild was born only a week later.


Terry, Jan and Katherine (in absentia)



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