How to live healthfully -


As I grow older, I am increasingly concerned with my health.† I listen and read the health news and it is bad.† What with food or beverages containing unnatural additives, too much salt, sugar, cholesterol or the wrong kind of fat (which changes ever few years), not enough or too much of some vitamin (we seem to discover a new one that we do not get enough of every few years), vegetables, like tomatoes, contaminated on their way from the field to my store or not washed enough, meat containing some parasite, mad-something-or-other or hoof-and-mouth disease (didnít it used to be foot-and-mouth?) or simply not cooked enough or cooked too much.† It doesnít seem safe to eat anything.† And then there is the other news.† The price of gas is up. Traffic accidents are on the increase. There are suicide bombers, mad postal employees, jilted lovers, fired employees, disaffected high school students, firearm collectors (who seem to want to use them), and normal crazy people.† It doesnít seem safe to leave my house.† Then there are floods, typhoons, tornadoes, wildfires, hurricanes, polluted air, electric outages, broken gas mains, alligators in the sewers and global warming.† We are too fat, bulimic, donít exercise enough or have tennis elbow.


Iíve come to the conclusion that the only way to life beyond next Tuesday is to buy a hermetically sealed, concrete house in Greenland with solar panels on the roof, sandbag my yard, telecommute, eat nothing but drink red wine †(from grapes grown in my basement) while modestly exercising on the treadmill in my den.


Terry L Anderson, 27 Jun 2008